The Sophistry of Mormon Apologetics, Nephite Coins, and One Apologist’s Utterly Confused Dilemma

The asinine cool use of beguiling arguments by Mormon apologists to avert and explain the arrant archaeological antithesis of gold and argent coins, which are declared accurately in the Book of Mormon’s branch of Alma, Affiliate 11, and said to exist, boggles the apperception of a reasonable person. The above Book of Mormon affiliate goes into abundant detail about specific Nephite coins, allegedly created in abundant quantity, acclimated as mediums of budgetary barter for the millions of Nephites who allegedly inhabited the American abstemious from 600 B.C to 421 A.D. Actuality you accept an counterfeit book of acceptance accounting in 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr. and his arcane cohorts, which was alleged by its columnist ‘the a lot of actual aggressive album book on the face of the earth,” which has been adapted over 3,000 times aback its aboriginal publication. Yes, that is correct! Aback it was aboriginal printed, it has been emended abundantly by the Mormon Abbey in syntax, with additions and deletions of contextual words and phrases, and in spelling and punctuation. In 1920, the accustomed branch was placed into Affiliate 11, of the book’s book of Alma audibly anecdotic and classifying the assorted specific denominations of gold and argent money acclimated by the Nephites, which were alleged coins. This branch accession was not done inadvertently, but with approval and accedence of the accomplished Mormon ascendancy that is the Mormon Aboriginal Presidency, acceptation the Mormon prophet. All advancing changes in the Book of Mormon, from 1830 to the present day accept been accustomed by the authoritative Mormon astrologer at the time of the accurate change. All commentaries accounting to explain the Book of Mormon, abnormally those from about 1920 until about 1968, accustomed the terminology, coins, as activated to the gold and argent denominations in Alma 11. In my anterior arbitrary to this article, I drew an affinity amid the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, Jr. and the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, “Tarzan of the Apes.” The actuality is that, while the Book of Mormon has been essentially adapted in its consecutive editions with abounding changes, no changes accept been activated to any of the abounding books accounting by Burroughs about African culture.

The affected descriptions accustomed in the Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith of the assorted Nephite cities and their brightness included the marketplaces area humans bought and awash appurtenances application the absolute money or acknowledged tender. Mormon apologists, like Michael Griffith, abatement head-over-hills into absolute anarchy if they say that “coins” were not acclimated by the Nephites. Aboriginal off, the Book of Mormon states that bill ‘were’ absolutely used. What these bill looked like is not absolutely as accordant to the affair as if they existed in ‘some’ form. We accept advice accustomed by Smith that Nephi had the adeptness to agglutinate and accomplish high-quality “steel,” which was acclimated to accomplish accomplished animate bows and weapons of war, and that the adorning of ore into animate was done absolutely frequently (although no archaeological evidence, whatsoever, of such admixture processes accept yet been apparent in Mesoamerica). The pictures placed into the Book of Mormon characterize cautiously casting breastplates, amulets, and helmets, with adorning inscriptions on them. Well, if the Nephites had the adeptness to actualize such accomplished artwork, it is absolutely assertive that they, in some way, delineated and differentiated the assorted denominations of argent and gold money with assertive casting designs. This alone makes sense, if the “coins” were to be acclimated over and over afresh in barter for appurtenances and services. The Nephites were declared by Smith as accepting gold ‘senines,’ which were allegedly agnate to a judge’s circadian wage. So one senine ability accept been like an American 20 dollar gold piece. And a argent ‘senum’ ability accept been agnate to a gold ‘senine.’ Then a gold ‘seon’ was according to two gold ‘senines,’ or conceivably like an American fifty dollar gold piece. Then there was the ‘shum,’ which ability accept been like the American hundred dollar gold piece. Finally, there was the gold ‘limhah,’ or seven time the amount of one ‘senine.’

Now the basal catechism wags its arch demandingly in the wind, if these bill in actuality existed, “How did the Nephites differentiate amid these gold and argent denominations? They didn’t accept to assumption about which was which and what was what, for there had to accept been millions of these metal denominations in apportionment based aloft the declared citizenry of people. This is area apparent accustomed faculty and intuition comes into play, something that Mormon apologists hardly lack. Whether the alone senines, seons, shums, senums, and limhahs were flat, blubbery and raised, or square, they were fabricated with specific designs on them in adjustment for the humans to be able to acquaint them apart. Hence, if millions of Nephites exchanged tens of millions of these “coins” for appurtenances and services, from about 660 B.C. to about 300 A.D., these bill should accept been begin in affluence in the abounding archaeological excavations that accept been conducted in Mexico, Guatemala, Central America, and South America; but they accept not! No coins, of any sort, accept been found! How can this be allegedly explained? Can you brainstorm how abounding gold and argent Roman bill were fabricated by the Roman Empire, and how abounding of them were broadcast over the Holy Land from the 1st Century on; and how abounding altered types of bill were fabricated by the assorted civilizations that had active the Holy Land from the time of the Tower of Babel to the Roma Era? Apparently hundreds of millions? That’s the acumen that they are begin in abundant affluence during archaeological address in the Holy Land. The California lawyer, Thomas S. Ferguson, who begged money from Mormon Astrologer David O. McKay in the aboriginal 1960s to authorize an LDS archaeological foundation for proving the actuality of the Nephite and Lamanite acculturation in Mesoamerica, got the money and went to Central and South America assured to find, at least, one Nephite coin, weapon of war, or antiquity to prove the Book of Mormon true. Afterwards spending 5 years digging for proof, assured to acquisition it, he gave up, alternate to the United States, and began to address belletrist to assorted humans about the country cogent his annoyance and his anew acquired acceptance that the Book of Mormon was not a accurate book of age-old American history. These belletrist were aggregate and appear in book anatomy by the acclaimed linguist, Dr. Stan Larson, above babysitter of appropriate collections at the University of Utah Library. In one of the letters, Ferguson declared that, “I was abundantly assured to acquisition at atomic one coin.” Another actual absorbing agency about money raises its arch in the Book of Mormon, which needs to be mentioned. Another acculturation is declared by Smith, and whoever abroad helped him to concoct the anachronistic book, in the book’s Book of Ether, which allegedly exceeded the amplitude of the Nephite civilization. This was the Jaredite civilization, which preceded the Nephites about bags of years. This acculturation was declared as beyond the affluence of the Babylonians. If this were so, a budgetary arrangement accept to accept been in actuality for use by the millions of humans who allegedly lived at that time in age-old history, declared by Smith. Yet, the debris of such bill haven’t been apparent in the abounding archaeological address that accept gone on in Mesoamerica.

The basal band of the affair about Book of Mormon bill is that, basically, there were no bill or gold/silver money fabricated by the allegorical Nephites and Jaredites. The absolute Native Americans did not use bill or metal money. This actuality has been as able-bodied accustomed as the actuality that no horses existed aforetime on the arctic and southern continents of the Americas until they were brought to the New Apple by the Spanish. You can see how balked the Mormon apologists accept to be, aback they lose on both counts. If the Nephites were absolute people, and if the Book of Mormon is true, there should be affluence of gold and argent bill begin all over Central and South America, but none accept been found. Mesoamerican archaeology and anthropology has accustomed as harder actuality that the absolute citizenry of age-old America, the Native American Indians, did not use metal bill at all as money. So, isn’t it time for Mormon apologists to readily accept that the Book of Mormon was manmade, a fraud, and wasn’t accounting by aggressive prophets, but, rather, by a con-man alleged Joseph Smith, Jr., and those added contributors to the fraudulence?

It’s in actuality been that approaching time for 187 years of Mormon Abbey existence, but Mormonism has been, and continues to be, absolutely a assisting business for the Mormon Abbey (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and for Mormon apologists, through the billions of dollars of tithing accustomed from its bamboozled supplicants. These atoning snake oil advertisers and defenders address and broadcast their books and pamphlets for auction to the accustomed public, and they accept absolutely a business advantage in that there are over ten actor rank-and-file Mormon adults who will apparently buy what they write. Every book they address can in actuality become a best seller. Some apologists are in actuality consistently paid by the Mormon Abbey and can accomplish as abundant as $50,000/year from their written, and online, sophistry. I’ve had the break to get to know, at a almost abutting distance, one of these Mormon apologists, Michael Griffith. He currently lives aural a few afar of area I abide in Virginia, and if he apparent about two years aback that I was an ex-Mormon elder, he contacted me by email and we chatted for a few weeks aback and alternating about Mormon theology, and of all things, conspiracy. There is in actuality a Wikipedia website about Griffith, as a Mormon apologist, that lists his chic vitae, education, etc., and he appears, on paper, to be a analytic able-bodied accomplished fellow, and, from what is accounting about him (he apparently wrote and appear the Wiki website himself), aswell automatic and possessing accustomed sense. Nonetheless, abundant adherent Mormons appear with a abundant abounding bookish accolades, degrees, and honors, and I’ve apparent that there is something that all of these frenetically afire men and women accept in common. They all have, seemingly, angled accuracy (minds), in that in one-half of the apperception resides accustomed sense, actual knowledge, and wisdom, and in the added bisected resides a fantasy masquerading as religion. If the adherent Mormon apologist is in a university classroom, as a student, demography an important analysis over aboriginal American history and is autograph an article on the horse and the Native American Indian, he, or she, recites what he has been accurately taught, what the Smithsonian Institution has accounting about the agent of the horse in America, and what is accustomed Mesoamerican history; that the horse was brought to the North and South American continents by the Europeans afterwards Columbus. Yet, if the apologist is at abbey continuing in foreground of a Mormon aggregation giving a sermon, or teaching a class, about the Nephite/Lamanite wars in the Book of Mormon, which allegedly occurred before, and after, the bearing of Christ, but afore Columbus, the bags of Nephite warriors are depicted by him as benumbed into action on their abounding horses, application their accomplished animate bows, swords, and shields.

When I discussed, via email, Mormon canon and Jesus Christ with Michael Griffith, I wasn’t afraid at all to ascertain that, in accession to aesthetics about the Book of Mormon, he in actuality believed that Christ Jesus was not built-in into the apple as God, but just as any added biological animal entity. According to Griffith, Jesus did not become (a) complete god, with a basal G, until afterwards he was adored from the dead. In accordance with Joseph Smith, Jr.’s 1844 King Follett Discourse, Griffith advocates that Jesus began to yield on ancestry of godhood (such as assuming miracles and walking on water) as he grew and developed, but did not become a full-fledged god until afterwards he died on the cross. Furthermore, according to Griffith, Jesus grew and developed as any added animal adolescent would humanly abound and develop. Jesus was born, grew, and developed into a god, just like his father-god, with a basal G, was born, grew, and developed into a god.

You see, the bit of LDS canon about the agent of the Mormon father-god is now alleged ‘theo-genesis and deification,’ and Griffith believes that he, and all of the added ‘worthy’ Mormon elders on this earth, will become, by destiny, as abundant as the Mormon father-god by becoming, anniversary and every one of them, Mormon father-gods, with a basal G. Moreover, Griffith believes that he and his temple-wedded wife (he and his wife were affiliated in a Mormon temple) will one day, calm as a god, with a basal G, and mother goddess with a basal G, adapt (not create, aback Mormon gods are bound in their powers) a planet, and alluringly beget billions of spirit accouchement to abide the concrete bodies that will be biologically procreated on their earth. The ultimate afterlife of Michael Griffith, as a father-god, and his wife, as a angelic mother-goddess, will be to aftermath in Mormon acclaim a savior for their billions of spirit accouchement on their earth, just like Jesus Christ. In essence, Griffith believes, and maintains, that there are as abounding gods, with a basal G’ as there are stars, and as abounding saviors, just like Jesus, as there are gods. That is what the Mormon Astrologer Brigham Young declared in an LDS Accustomed Conference in the Salt Lake City Bowery in 1865.

Now, actuality comes the kicker-clincher! How in the name of chicanery can a person, a adherent Mormon, such as Michael Griffith, pretend to apologetically avert a canon as unbiblical, pagan, and agnostic as what I just described, a book that rivals the dramas of Greek mythology. Discussing the Nephite use of bill in the Book of Mormon is an aspect of Mormon article and canon that pales in allegory to the doctrines of polytheism of Joseph Smith, Jr. inculcated into Mormonism through his 1844 King Follett Discourse, and Mormon Astrologer Lorenzo Snow’s clarification of it in the after 1890s. Yet, you will never hear, or read, statements from Michael Griffith, in his atoning productions, explicating in detail his, and his wife’s, ultimate afterlife of acceptable a father-god and a mother-goddess. Well, you see, Griffith and added Mormon apologists accept sophistically laid out their affliction for the Book of Mormon anachronisms and fiction, such as the coins, bizarre Mormon history, Mormon doctrine, for the basal agent of the Mormon father-god and the Mormon savior, Jesus, and the implications all-important for the inferences to the assiduity of the amaranthine circadian reproduction of godhood and saviorhood. But you will not acquisition them, as individuals, proclaiming their specific ultimate destinies in their LDS commemoration affairs and affidavit meetings. Why? The Mormon aggregation in Salt Lake City accept again declared in their abstruse austere assemblies that the adherent associates of the LDS Abbey should NOT acknowledge accurate Mormon canon to non-Mormons, and this is area advised bribery of Mormon canon ceases to be an innocent abridgement of clarity, and becomes counterfeit misrepresentation. Tens of bags of full-time Mormon missionaries are always traveling into the homes of disturbing Christians, about the world, and cogent them lies about Mormon theology, doctrine, and history, aggravating to accomplish them accept in a abject book of affecting fiction, in a biblically acquired Trinitarian canon depicted in that book, which is not the absolute canon of Mormonism. This is advisedly done to abduct Christians into abutting a agnostic cult, the LDS Church. This is allotment of the continuing angry of the day announced of by Jesus in Matthew 6: 34 (KJV), “Take accordingly no anticipation for the morrow; for the morrow shall yield anticipation for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the angry thereof,” Christians, as acceptable soldiers for Jesus, accept to apprehend this abstruse angry and argue consistently consistently adjoin it in the amaranthine war adjoin Satan.

21 Characteristics of Outstanding Leaders

There are a aggregation of practices able leaders use to accompany success to their career. Look at the afterward account to actuate how abounding you are now using. Remember, it’s never too backward to apprentice something new!

1. Possess able competence: Do you apperceive what you charge to apperceive to do your job well? If not, what are you cat-and-mouse for?

2. Remove obstacles for teamwork: No baton can advance alone. Don’t accept a follower? You are not leading. Teams are added able than any individual. Get teams animate for you. It’s the fastest way to access after-effects and your productivity.

3. Grow your employees: You acceleration up advance by animate how to accredit responsibilities. Match abilities with job requirements. Delegate to add albatross but advance accountability. Don’t accept secrets. Share what you know. It’s the appropriate affair to do. Every agent isn’t the same. Account their individuality and plan with what you have. Finally, alternation them. Not training an agent is like hitting them in the face. Sooner or after their abridgement of training will be the knockout punch.

4. Be an encourager: We all charge an casual shove. It accumulate drive going. Encourage, not abash advisers accommodating to abound and learn. Not accomplishing so is a huge disservice.

5. Be a abiding learner: If you aren’t growing, you are stagnating. Accumulate beginning by awakening your knowledge. The added you know, the bigger the abeyant to grow.

6. Practice integrity: Integrity is the cornerstone of your administration cathedral. Notice I didn’t say just a house. You wish an about abiding abode to accumulate your integrity. It’s that important to actualize the assurance abandoned candor can generate.

7. Walk the talk: Humans watch your actions, not what you say. Getting adverse actuality can be baleful to your administration success. If you are constant here, you accretion account and followed.

8. Be accessible to new ideas: Don’t discriminate sources of information. I’ve begin alternate advisers can appear up with cool ideas. Consider every source. If you accumulate your apperception open, it offers you added opportunities to abutting your mouth.

9. Be a beeline shooter: Advisers charge authentic achievement reviews. Sugar blanket your comments serves no advantageous purpose except to affliction an employee. Be courageous. Tell the accuracy in a able abode but never lie.

10. Be accessible: Some leaders will say, “My aperture is consistently open.” In reality, they absolute their accessibility. There are aswell bound opportunities to altering chat with employees. Accessibility has no absolute acceptation here. You wish to be acquainted that this convenance can appulse your claimed productivity. Antithesis your time abandoned and with employees. It’s a acceptable combination.

11. Teach your advisers to accept the basal line: Too often, advisers can’t chronicle their accomplishments to profitability. Neglecting this will could cause a abrogating appulse profits. It’s harder to change what you don’t know. Businesses are not advised a benevolent societies. They charge accumulation to abide open. If advisers accept how their cycle can help, they will footfall up to help.

12. Know how to break problems—processes & people: All organizations accept processes. Leaders abstraction and accept them to do their jobs. It’s an important and all-important focus to aswell be able to abode and boldness issues with people. Neglect one and abortion is just about the corner.

13. Practice abstracted thinking: Actualize possibilities. Without vision, the humans perish. Without abstracted thinking, the alignment will perish. Use your cerebration adeptness to analysis all abandon of an affair and anticipate your way to the actual solution.

14. Make humans feel important: We all wish to feel important. Witness the access of amusing media. It’s a way to get our 15 account of fame. But, at plan we can accomplish humans feel important. We can accede their contributions, advice them abound and abstain any assurance of discrimination.

15. Be consistent: A abortion to be constant is the aboriginal footfall against acceptable that failure. Predictability is important to employees. That can abandoned appear if a baton is consistent. I don’t accept to like you if I apperceive how to accord with you. It’s aberrant reactions that addle and asphyxiate followship.

16. Be passionate: If you abridgement passion, you are missing one of the a lot of agreeable locations of getting alive. Believe in your employees. Believe in your organization. Believe you accept the affection to advice both improve.

17. Improve the activity of those you lead: Leaders accept a albatross to accomplish improvements. Regression is not a abutment mechanism. Seek bigger and best surfaces. Abutment apathy and dawdling surfaces.

18. Dare to be different: Afterward the army is what a lot of do. But abundant leaders accept no advisedly about demography a new path. Different can be difficult but it can be addition chat for success. Don’t be abashed to footfall alfresco the aisle others are following. It just ability be your best accommodation yet.

19. Live a counterbalanced life: Spirituality, ancestors and career are the three apparatus absolute a counterbalanced lifestyle. Yes, we can become skewed. But, by ambience our priorities with God, ancestors and plan as the pecking order, we will hardly be out of balance.

20. Consider time your a lot of important asset: I don’t affliction how affluent you are. You don’t accept abundant money to buy addition additional of time. Time is the abundant equalizer. Time if life. Wish to reside the best activity you can? Become acclimatized how you use your time.

21. Become a assistant leader: I adored this for endure but it is a a lot of important basic of leadership. Leadership, for me, is alike with service. Leaders serve those they advance by developing their abilities and growing their career opportunities. If you are not accommodating to serve, don’t yield on the crimson of a leader. Period!